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After seeing my best friend go from 300 pounds down to 215, it was a no brainer so I decided to do the 43 day HCG Protocol, I worked out and done other programs in the past but HCG was the only thing that got me the fastest and the best results that the other things didn’t. I’m 5’6 and was tipping the scale at 200 lbs, being short and fat really sucks now I am down around 167 lbs. It’s a great feeling when people who haven’t seen me in a while and they say “wow you lost some weight and look good” Now I’m really to it to the next level, you have a great program and hanks for the great info.
Charleston, SC

Seriously, you guys rock so hard.  I ordered this Thursday?  Got it today, I am more than thrilled.  The HCG I ordered from another site is STILL NOT HERE, I ordered it a week ago.  Return to sender once it gets here, I have found my supplier.  Thank you so much!

Hi Colin and Jayne,

What great testimonies.  I love hearing how others are doing on the HCG, it really inspires me…I have my own to tell……

I started out on March 22, 2011 with the Diluted HCG you get at the health food store. On April 15th I had only lost 10 lbs. Not complaining, 10 lbs is pretty good, but on April 18th, the day I started  the injection of the Pure HCG I ordered from your website I have lost 8 more lbs..That 8lbs was shed in the course of 10 days as appose to the 27 days it took me to loose the first 10 lbs with the diluted HCG.. BIG difference from that and the pure….I am sooooo Stoked!!!  My plan is to loose a total of 60 lbs (give or take about 5 lbs)… I will update you both when I get closer to my goal…

Thank you Both so very much…Your site is extremely helpful and the two of you have been sooogracious in responding to my emails and other peoples as well..You guys are personable and that is Huge..It makes a big difference and I like that about y’all.

Blessings to you and your family

My wife and I did the program with the HHCG and both lost about 12% of our total weight in the 23 days.  We followed much or your advice with the added protein and worked out the entire time.  We are now 1 week into P3, both getting ripped, body fat super low, energy levels through the roof.  We should have been on your program so that you could get the recognition, however, we were both on homeopathic.  Hopefully your future source for homeopathic will get you on that band wagon too.

We totally agree that this is and should be the next and final solution for all fat loss.  I am a active runner and triathlete, and my wife runs marathons.  I went from 178 pounds to 157, my wife went from 149 to 132.  I have not had my body fat tested, but can tell by looking in the mirror that it is extremely low.

You are right on track with the exercise and added protein in this protocol.  No-one else is doing this and that is wrong.  I watch the vlogs and see people using the HCG as their only source for weight loss and health and continually wonder why they do not add exercise.  We don’t plan on ever using this again.  We have our health and the bodies we desire, love to workout and be healthy.

Keep it up, your are doing it right and for the right reasons!