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Top 5 HCG Diet Mistakes People often make

Losing weight can be very difficult for a person living in today’s world. This is because most of the food that people eat is grown by the use of dangerous chemicals and fertilizers. The unhealthy lifestyle and increasing demands of people to eat junk food are another reason.

But whatever the reason maybe, weight gaining is embarrassing and irritating for the person suffering from it. People take various kinds of diet to lose weight among which advanced HCG diet is the most popular one.

But there is one problem with people who take this diet. They think that only taking HCG diet will help them lose weight and do various mistakes which stop them from losing weight even after taking proper diet.


Here are some of the common mistakes that may be stopping you from losing weights.

  1. Not calculating the amount of calories intake properly

People often eat some food items without even calculating the amount of calories they are eating. You may be eating just a little chocolate or a handful of nuts thinking it is doing nothing to your body which is a big mistake. A small bite to such things can add hundreds of extra calories to your body. So the small changes that are occurring in your body because of the diet are not visible. To solve this problem, keep a journal with you always to record the total amount of calories you are eating in a single day.

  1. Get back to the old habit

It is very common that after few weeks of the diet, people lose their patience and get back to their old habit of eating. If such things occur during your diet plan, it is impossible to lose weight. Even after the completion of diet plans, do not g back to the old unhealthy lifestyle. Instead start a new one that makes your life joyful and disease free.

  1. Completely relying on the diet plan for losing weight

Another big mistake people often do is to completely rely on the diet plan for losing their weight. If such things occur, it will become impossible to lose. Along with the diet, do proper exercises also to achieve long term benefits from the HCG diet.

  1. Skipping meals

People often skips meals like breakfast or dinner thinking it will help in losing weight which is totally a wrong conception. The reality is once you skip a meal, you overeat the next time in your meal. This gives negative effect to the body and increases the weight.

  1. Thinking healthy food is calorie free

Even healthy foods have calories. So, if you eat healthy food without considering proper diet thinking it does not add any calorie to your body, you will never able to lose your weight. It is good to eat healthy food but does not over eat it. Keep the record of the diet in a journal to know how much calorie you are taking. You must understand that healthy foods are not calorie free.

Now you know what the mistakes are and having a close look at these points will help you get the best results out of the HCG diet. You can even find various others important details from various discussions on the internet.